Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Firstly we need to see trauma as an opportunity to grow. Any and every symptom is an opportunity to grow and learn. You may not see it just yet but there is energy in the trauma and once it is overcome, that energy can be used to help you. So step one is to view the trauma as the first step to a better life. Its not easy & it’s a different way of thinking, but it’s the way of thinking that will help you get the very best of the situation.

There are two parts to trauma – physical damage and emotional damage. If our thinking is stuck in the trauma, this could be an issue. Unless this is resolved, it will not be possible for the body to fully recover. Part of what we do will be to communicate to body that the trauma has finished. Once we do this, the body will be then given the permission to go ahead and heal fully

As an example, a recent client had damaged their arm following a fall. After several physiotherapy sessions the healing had reached a plateau. It is only when we taught the body that the trauma had finished that the client was then able to go ahead and live their life as normal – without their arm bothering him. Hand in hand with this, the healing started once again and then fully recovered


Emotional trauma

Countless times, clients have come with physical symptoms including allergy, skin disorders, digestive issues to state a few. These have been traced back to emotionally or physically traumatic events. Emotional traumas such as being told a tough pience of medical news, or breaking up with a partner can be hugely devastating.  Once these events have been re-analysed by the client, the symptoms fade away and  the aim is to return to full health.



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