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Crohn’s Disease client

Allergy client


“Even though most people regard me as a successful business man, I have been plagued by depression. My GP prescribed me happy pills but after being referred to Rob I now understand a different way. I can’t say I never have those feelings anymore, but when I get them they are much milder, are short lived and I know exactly what to do.”

Panic Attacks

“I was right in the middle of my panic attack when I spoke with Rob on the phone. I was sweating, short of breath and my heart felt like I was running a sprint. My parents tried to calm me down but nothing was working. The questions he asked me were unusual – I thought he was going to ask me about ‘the thing’, but he didn’t. Soon, I had calmed down and I was laughing again. Just moving things around seemed to make a huge difference. Thanks so much”


Trauma since Childhood

“By way of background, I have an NLP practitioner’s certificate and am considering doing Masters. I am also a trained relate counselor, though currently not practicing.   I wanted to address some long standing issues around my childhood.

I had attempted to address these with therapy many years ago, and although this was overall very beneficial from a learning / insight perspective, it did not take the sting out of what had happened.

Traditional NLP I had done previously offered insights but definitely did not offer a way to fully address these issues.  Rob explained the principles of the total memory clean up – a standard TPM technique and built around certain NLP principles, but considerably developed from a NLP base.

We had just 2 sessions using this technique and it worked! The joy for me was that the process is content free and also the speed with which the changes happen. Now I can look back at these potentially very painful memories and smile. I have moved on and they can be used as a learning tool – not a hurting tool.

I also gained lots of additional resources for my unconscious mind to use in the future. I have been blessed to receive these gifts and hope I can use them to help others in the future.”

(aside:  The above was written in April 2013 and having met the client in July 2014, the freedom from the past is still the same)


Incurable Metal Allergy

” My consultant specialist described my allergy as the worst he had ever seen.  He couldn’t recommend any form of treatment and I had to suffer continuously in state of fear and apprehension.  Its been years since then and I live a totally different life now with true freedom.  I continue to recommend countless friends to Rob for allergy as well as other conditions.”


Sunflower Seed Allergy

“In just one session, Rob cleared up my allergy of sunflower seeds that I have had for 9 years. Now I can have sunflower seeds without any fear of an instant rash or extreme itchiness. It was so simple and yet so powerful. Thank you so much.”

Egg Allergy

“Life is so much easier now I don’t have to avoid food with eggs. Can you imagine looking at a menu and working out what you can eat, rather than what you want to eat? It really used to take the fun out of eating out. Since my appointment with Rob, I can now eat anything I like and enjoy it without worrying about having an embarrassing allergic reaction to eggs. I didn’t believe I would ever be able to have a choice. I do now!” BH London

Red Wine Allergy

“My face used to go red and blotchy when I drank red wine. Last night I had a whole bottle and I’m fine.”

Cat Allergy

“Having had a bad allergic reaction to cats for the last two years, picture it streaming nose, red raw eyes and sneezing everywhere; I decided to take Rob up on his offer of a session. Lo and behold and much to my delight it worked.
With Rob I worked through a process of identifying the root cause of the reaction……..interesting discovery….and created a picture of the future with a very different reaction. I am now living with two cats and no problem”


“On my fertility issues I have had another test recently. 3 months ago I had only 8% of my sperm the normal shape (apparently the national average is 16%) and after my last test my results show a level of 33% normality – a massive increase in 3 months. I have been taking extra vitamins and cut out booze for 3 months as well as using NLP but needless to say I am delighted with the results.” MB London (His wife is currently expecting their first child)

Multiple Allergy

“I used to be horribly allergic to just about everything – except plain boiled rice. That included just about every type of food & drink there was, jewellery – the lot! Rob taught me to get to the source of the issue and together we changed my perception of that time. Thankfully, there was a ripple effect and somehow my immune system was part of that ripple. Things changed very quickly. I was able to eat again, wear jewellery – I still don’t really understand properly how, but I have been living a normal life for the past five years and am still delighted. “

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