Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by a perceived threat. That threat can be real, in which case the fear is very useful and something we wish to keep (eg fear is useful if a person is close to the edge of a tall building)

However, fear can be induced by the subconscious mind and it really doesn’t make any sense logically. A fear of going outside for example, for most people is an extreme and unhelpful emotion.

It is useful from an NLP perspective to ask how a person gets scared – what is it they do that creates this sense of danger?

Very often, the root cause is a memory or a group of similar memories which are negative and which are stored unhelpfully.

By getting to the root cause of the fear, we can not only stop being unnecessarily fearful, but also grow and become even stronger and more resilient as a result of transforming this energy into a positive force to assist you in your life.


Our role as an NLP Master Health Practitioner is to assume that there is some reason why your body is creating this fear. Having successfully worked with many sufferers of fear, many seem to have a common thread. Although the reason behind the fear may be different, our approach is similar. Although it is possible that you have had these symptoms for years, it is also possible that if you change your thinking, your stress can reduce and ultimately become insignificant.


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