We are specialist in speaking with the immune system. Over the past ten years, we have been hugely successful in treating food allergies and intolerances & multiple allergies

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Essentially, the immune system has learnt that certain substances are dangerous when in fact they are not. Our job is to change that perception so that the immune system can focus on virus and bacteria which really are dangerous

We all know that the mind is hugely powerful in determining whether we get this illness or not. But how much do we really believe that this is true for actual physical conditions?
In the late 19th Century, Dr MacKenzie was surprised that his patient who was allergic to roses, started sneezing when she came into his surgery. The reason he was surprised was that the roses on his table was fake! And she still was sneezing!

Experiments show that rats can learn to be allergic. In tests, rats have been given sugared water and then were given tiny electric shocks. The rats associated the sugar water with the shock. In the mind & body of the rats, these two were linked. Then the experimenters stopped giving electric shocks and just gave sugar solution. The rats showed allergic-style symptoms to the sugar solution – they had learnt to be allergic! (you can read more in psycho-neuro immunology…)

Humans can also learn to be allergic – Is it a coincidence that many vaccines are based on egg protein?

This example of the sugar solution is one of the many ways we can learn to be allergic. Can we unlearn? And if we can, how do we do that? – that’s where the expertise of NLP Health comes in – we teach your immune system to keep calm around allergens

We specialise in the treatment of foods allergies, multiple allergies, metal allergies and pet allergies. We don’t work with hayfever or dust allergy.

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