Low Confidence & Self Esteem

Low Confidence

The way you view yourself is perhaps one of the most significant and important perceptions that will impact all aspect of your life. Interestingly, the way we perceive ourselves is held at a sub-conscious level. At this deep level of the mind, it is very difficult to have any lasting impact using willpower or positive thinking. So at NLP Health, we use tools and techniques that allow us to change how we see ourselves at the subconscious level.

The Self Confidence or Self Esteem we hold affects not only how other people treat us, but also how we treat ourselves. Having worked with hundreds of people in this area, often but not always we trace back the way we perceive ourselves to memories from the past. It is only when we change the way we perceive this memory that we begin to unravel who we really are.

Additionally, the actions we take day to day reinforce this perception. If we change how we see ourselves then our actions will change also and what we attract into our lives will also change.

We teach you how to store your memories so that they support a confident you and to live in ways which help you build on that confidence.


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