ME & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

M.E. & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic fatigue syndrome is NOT all in the mind. CFS and ME are physical conditions which are real – just as real as the chair you are sitting on. The fact that there isn’t a universally recognised test is a completely separate matter and this has no relevance to the existence of this condition

It is also true that just because the medical profession doesn’t know how to treat it doesn’t mean that there is no treatment.

The symptoms of CFS are a result of a considerable length of time when a person has not been living congruently. That is to say that what a person does is different from what they want to do deep down; what they say is different from what they want to say deep down….

Successful treatment comes about by finding out more of what the real you wants, and then helping you integrate that into your everyday life.

Successful treatment uses the mind to help teach you how to live in a way which the deepest part of you wants to live


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