auto-immune-largePain – physical and emotional

Firstly we need to see pain as an opportunity to grow. Any and every symptom is an opportunity to grow and learn. You may not see it just yet but there is energy in the pain and once it is overcome, that energy can be used to help you. So step one is to view the pain as the first step to a better life. Its not easy & it’s a different way of thinking, but it’s the way of thinking that will help you get the very best of the situation.

The traditional way of thinking would be to give pain-relief to get rid if the symptoms. Perhaps with a painkiller. But this assumes that the pain is bad. We would dispute that. Not that we like pain, but if that is the form of the energy, then it is our job to re-direct that energy to a way that we enjoy it in our life.

Physically, pain has a purpose – to teach you what is wrong.   So pain is helpful. The body is designed so masterfully that pain generally is an indication that something needs attention and it brings our focus to that area.

Our approach is to extract the learning from the pain – the energy / the growth / the blessing; and then to do techniques which communicate directly with the pain and request it to leave

Sometimes, pain seems not to have a reason or a use. When this is the case, it is often an indication that the body may be stuck in a pattern which is either old or unhelpful. As an example pain is in an area when an accident happened a long time ago. Here the pain switches may need re-setting. In this case, we will need to re-set the pain switches so that they only notify new messages as new pain


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