Panic Attacks-largeAnger

Anger can be a natural response to being insulted, attacked or frustrated in some way. But being natural doesn’t always mean its useful. Particularly if that anger then leads to doing things which are later regretted.

Many places offer anger management – tools and techniques for dealing with anger when it arises – going out for a walk for example.

These can be useful at times, but many clients have found such techniques as inadequate.

Dealing with anger at that level is like trying to stop weeds growing by using a pair of scissors to keep them small. This way of gardening is inefficient and unlikely to work long term

Our approach is to find the root cause of the excessive anger and work at that level. It requires a specific skill set. But it’s well worth the investment.

Once you get to the roots of the weed, you can then really begin to make a lasting change.

At NLP health, we always work in the long term interest of the client to ensure that not only are they going to walk out feeling better, but this change lasts even in stressful situations.


Our role as an NLP Master Health Practitioner is to assume that there is some reason why your body is creating this fear. Having successfully worked with many sufferers of fear, many seem to have a common thread. Although the reason behind the fear may be different, our approach is similar. Although it is possible that you have had these symptoms for years, it is also possible that if you change your thinking, your stress can reduce and ultimately become insignificant.


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