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Change your mind, change your health, change your life!


For over 10 years Rob Mesrie has been treating emotional and health issues using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and related methods to enable the mind to heal illness, pain and symptoms.

As one of the leading UK’s leading NLP Master Health Practitioners, Rob integrates the latest mental techniques to give clients practical and effective ways to re-establish true health. Additionally he trains Thought Pattern Management, is an NLP Coach, Reverse Therapist and qualified Yoga teacher.

He is an active member of The College of Medicine, the British Society of Ecological Medicine, The Association of NLP and The Complementary Therapists Association. Back in 2003, he qualified as a hypnotherapist with The American Board of Hypnotherapists.

A student of  The Rav and Karen Berg at The Kabbalah Centre for over 10 years, his source of spiritual wisdom, Rob takes universal spiritual concepts and translates them into practical exercises to help restore health.

He works with adults and children of all ages (from pregnancy and birth upwards) and is CRB cleared. Rob Mesrie and NLP Health Ltd are fully insured with The Complementary Therapists Association to practice NLP and related treatments.


As you would expect, most patients are referred from Doctors, Practitioners from various disciplines and recommendations from current clients.  A comprehensive money-back guarantee holds for new and old clients alike.

Should you wish to make an appointment for a consultation please do so here. Your initial consultation is free and without obligation.

7908666_sThe NLP Health Approach

More and more people are becoming aware of the influence we each have on our lives. It is now accepted that the way we think influences not only our state of mind but also our health. True healing therefore lies in our own hands. This is true not only for non-specific conditions like anxiety, depression and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but also for conditions such as auto-immune malfunction, allergies, Crohn’s Disease, Stroke recovery and prevention, pre/post surgical interventions and more.

We firmly believe that we each have the power to heal ourselves and live a happy and healthy life. The more we accept that we each have the ability to change ourselves, the more we empower ourselves to create the reality that we desire.

The power of the mind is so strong that according to British Law, the effect of every new medicine must be tested against the healing abilities of the Mind before being permitted to be prescribed by your doctor. The vast majority fail. The Mind is so strong that thousands of new medicines fail this test because the Mind is found to be more effective. Your own body can produce a pain-reliever thousands of times stronger than Morphine – in a just fraction of a second. Isn’t it time you learnt how to use your Mind to help you?

We believe that the Mind is key to ensuring the body heals. Generally, the body will heal naturally unless something is preventing that healing from occurring. At NLP Health, we create the conditions for a strong and healthy mind to ensure the body heals itself quickly and effortlessly.

We use tools and techniques gathered from Masters throughout the globe to ensure our clients reach their outcome speedily. Unlike many therapies, we don’t accept that you need to re-experience the past over and over again. You just don’t! There is no need to take the cross-country bus when there’s an express train! If you believe you have suffered enough and you’re ready to move on quickly, then it’s now time to get in touch.

Einstein was right – most people only use a tiny fraction of 1% of the brain. Even if we could only use 2% of our brain, just imagine what a difference that would make. It’s time to think differently. It’s time to say goodbye to your symptoms. It’s time to make your first appointment – you can do that here.

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