How does it work?

  • Your mind and body are linked. When you change one, you change the other – automatically. Think about a session in the gym or a yoga class – when you are done, your mind automatically feels calmer and more balanced. Similarly when you change your thoughts, your body also changes. Using these principles, you can use the mind to help the body heal by thinking very specific thoughts.
  • Let’s take an example – imagine a lemon – a juicy one, one which smells so citrusy. Cut that lemon in half and see the shine of the juice inside. Now put the slice of lemon into your mouth and chew. That’s right. What happening? Is your mouth salivating? Why? – there’s no lemon! But your body has changed and your stomach is generating acids ready to digest – all because you changed your thinking!
  • Used properly, the mind can guide the immune system to stop being allergic, beat depression, overcome Chronic Fatigue, recover from strokes…

Is it more than positive thinking?

Yes, absolutely. Positive thinking is wonderful, but if you don’t really understand how the brain works, it won’t be effective. NLP Health uses so much more than positive thinking. Our expertise uses everything we know about the brain to help you reach the outcome you want quickly and with minimal effort.

As an example:

One client recently broke up with her partner and wanted to move on. She thought she was helping herself by saying: “I don’t want to think about Steve anymore”. Unfortunately, the brain doesn’t understand negatives. So all her mind heard was “think about Steve”.
Try it for yourself – imagine hearing “don’t think of a giraffe”… what do you think about?? …. A giraffe!
This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using your brain effectively.

Will it work for me?

We are so confident that you will be delighted with the changes that we offer a comprehensive money-back guarantee. If at the end of your session you are not happy in any way, then you will not be charged one penny for that session and you will be refunded on any remaining pre-paid sessions.

Thankfully, in over ten years of working, no one has ever asked for their money back.

faq-1What about physical conditions which are real?

Many clients are surprised as to the extent that their mind can assist them. I recall doing a demonstration on a man with a frozen shoulder. There was even a physiotherapist in the room. Just by talking for a few minutes, we heard a large ‘click’, his shoulder loosened and mobility hugely increased.

The mind can be used to assist very physical conditions such as immune disorders. By communicating effectively with the immune system, we educate it to work more effectively – so you no longer need to suffer.

One lady suffered a fall many months prior to coming for treatment. She was constantly bothered by the pain in her hand and wrist. After the session, she no longer noticed any pain and began playing tennis again. Many months later, she says she hasn’t given it a second thought since the treatment. Again – solely using the mind to heal.

One client came unable to digest foods. Unable to eat without extreme medication. By taking away the blockages (anger, resentment, anxiety etc) which caused the issues and re-educating her digestive system, she now eats normally.

These are merely a few examples of what can be done. There is no end to what the mind can achieve.

faq-3What about mental or emotional conditions?

The mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy.
Clearly this approach works for a variety of mental conditions including anxiety, stress, anger, depression, fear etc

How safe is it?

We talk. You are wide awake. There are no drugs, no medication, no needles… We talk. In over 10 years of treatments, it has proved to be a completely safe way of working.

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