Forthcoming Surgery

Forthcoming surgery

Many studies show that patients going in for surgery who genuinely expect the operation to go successfully experience less pain, less side effects and heal quicker.  Similarly, the reverse is true

The power of the mind is so powerful in influencing the outcome of a drug that in trials where drug companies test the drug’s efficacy, not only is the patient forbidden from knowing whether their drug is potent, but also the doctor is also forbidden from knowing also.

Where a lot of confusion arises is where the patient mistakes positive thinking with genuine expectancy of a successful outcome. Many times for example, people want to believe that the treatment will work, but deep down they have huge doubts.

This way of thinking – where you are effectively fooling yourself – significantly reduces the chances of a good outcome.

Our expertise at NLP Health maximises the chances of a positive outcome by ensuring that the positive belief is help congruently by the client at every level – body, mind and soul; head, heart and gut.

When each of these are aligned to a successful outcome, you have transformed the outcome and taken yourself out of the realm of statistics as you are now controlling your own destiny.



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