Auto Immune Disorders

auto-immune-largeAuto Immune Disorders

Many people suffer from an array of auto-immune disorders where the immune system is compromised in some way. A reduced functioning of the auto immune system can be caused by many different factors. The psychological factor is surprisingly common in many clients we have seen.

The function of the immune system is to protect the individual. An immune system which is not protecting effectively the individual may need to do its job differently. But how do you communicate with the immune system?

Although the immune system doesn’t speak English, it does still understand requests if those are given in ways which are easily understood and in ways which are clearly in the best interest of the individual.

Take the example of a medical doctor we worked with who had Crohn’s disease and was unable to resolve it until he used the techniques of NLP Health. Watch here

The secret to treating effectively immune disorders is to reacquaint the immune system with its job description. Only secondly do we then build the strength of the immune system.

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